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The Moskoni Cup III ~ Report
Posted by bullet.gif Koopa on December 23 2009
The stars above Kents Hill last night witnessed what is fast becomming a highlight of the Milton Keynes Pool Calendar as John Clavey's famous shed held the 3rd Moskoni Cup. With Clavey, Minister and Gee being the only existing Moskoni players there was a lot of new talent on show.

Teams were drawn in the usual over complicated Clavey fashion with playing cards being banded around and some mathmatical equasion that only a web developer with a maths degree would understand. The teams ended up being... For Europe Jammy (Capt), Pat, Dan (Pinky) Disher and Chris (Worst Player) Coxy. And for team USA it was Minister (Capt), Clavey, Gee and, and, and Peter Hallet.

First major event of the evening began when neither players reached the bulk line from a lag, in fact almost every lag the whole evening was shocking, people hitting the middle pockets and in many cases the balls not getting half way back up the table or going halfway back down.

The second major event was myself looking down and thinking "God, its far too cold for Dan to not be wearing any socks" "Oh he is, oh, they are pink, oh they are bright pink and really fluffy. Oh my god he is wearing bright pink Fame style fluffy leg warmer socks. As I broke the news to the other seven players I looked to the heavens and thanked god for allowing this to happen.

Europe was winning by this point 1-0.

Dan then approached Minister in a calm, suggestive way and said "errrmm Dave, what are you doing Christmas Day" The fear on Daves face was evident and he had thoughts of there not being enough Turkey left for sandwiches through January. The thought of Dave and Jan sitting there in silence watching Dan kill off the last of their chocolate log was too much for me and the others to handle.

Europe were still winning.

All the time this was happening there was a ho-bo sitting in the corner drinking rapidly straight from a Whiskey bottle. After closer inspection it was Hallet and he was gone, the swerve was on the voice was loud and the abuse began.

He could barley stand and often leaned on the side for support, and struggled potting a single ball that was further than an inch from the hole and Team USA were falling behind rapidly. This didnt stop Pete absolutely hurling abuse at Clavey calling him a loser and and a lightweight which was hilarious to watch.

Then an amzing thing happened. It was singles and it was -

Peter "cant stand, cant play pool when I am sober let alone after a bottle of Whiskey, seeing triple, major swerve, major abusive, almost alseep, eyes closed" Hallet.


CHRIS COX (Best of 3)

First frame Peter pulls off an amzing combo, coxy is sweating and cant believe what is happening but can easily get back in the match. Second frame, coxy misses and Pete bangs in another massive combo. Haahahahahaha, it has ruined Coxy for life, the man who cant even see has beat him and in style.

I then jump off the sofa to give Pete a big high 5. He swings his hand palm open towards my hand, Misses by some distance and high 5's me full pelt straight in the face. That was it, I was gone, I actually couldnt stand through the laughter and had to drop to my knees, I so wish that was on camera.

The night continued in that fashion with Pete potting balls he really shouldnt have and the rest of us missing balls we should have got.

The closet the score got was 6-5 to Europe but they ran off and won 9-5 and a comfortable victory.

It was a very funny action packed night with most coming from Pete and his constant abuse of John or inability to stand or see.

Jammys Europe deserved the win and all in all was a great evening.

Thanks John for being the host and I look forward to attending my 4th next year.

Merry Xmas to you all.
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