MK Blackball Singles League Rules

There will be no refund of entry fee to anyone withdrawing from the league.

Matches are scheduled to start at  7.15pm and 9.15pm. Late arrivals will be docked 1 frame every ten minutes, up until the match is won. (i.e 7-0). The room is available to players from 7pm. If both  players in a 7.15pm slot are in agreement,  then they may start early.

9.15pm matches are subject to 7.15pm matches being finished by this time. If however, a 7.15pm match is still in progress and not on frame 10 by 9pm then the remainder frames will be reduced and played to a 9 ball rack.Rack the 15 balls as normal. Remove the top ball and the back 5. 9pm, The League reserves the right to impose a time keeper and a one minute shot clock. If both 9.15 players are there and willing to play and a table is available then they may start early.

All matches are best of 12 frames, all frames are played. 2 points are awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw and 1 point is awarded for each frame won.

A lag will decide who breaks first.

After 4 frames, players may have a ten minute break for smoking, toilets, bar run etc. Players should not leave the match whilst a frame is in progress, contravention of this ruling will fully entitle your opponent to claim that frame as a concession.

Matches take priority on the tables, if there are spare tables during the evening and no matches due to be played these are available for practice to MK Blackball Singles league players only. If you are practicing please respect matches being played on adjacent tables. Any free slots will be given as priority to players who wish to play a match in advance. Free slots should not be relied on to play outstanding matches. All matches must be played at the Herald

Tables are allocated to matches on a first come first served basis, ie, first players who are present and ready to commence their match and collect their scorecard will have first choice of table.

Should players need to rearrange matches then these can be played anytime in advance. Any outstanding matches must be played by the end of the last week of the current season. If your re-arranged match is played outside of a Wednesday evening, you will need to hire a table at your own expense for use of your match. The cost of table hire is the responsibility of the player who cancelled the original match.

Failure to complete re-arranged matches inside this window will result in the match being awarded to the player who was cancelled on and will be allocated frames as in a late arrival. If both players try to re-arrange but for some reason compliance cannot be met, this needs to be discussed in a timely manner with and approved by the organisers who will set a deadline for the match to be played. If the match is still outstanding after the agreed deadline, the match will become null and void with zero points awarded to either player.

Result cards to be completed and handed into the Herald, results can be communicated to the organisers via text or posted on relevant thread on Bucks8ball.

Where players in promotion and relegation positions at the end of the season tie on points, then the player with the greater number of wins will finish in the higher position, and promotion and relegation will be decided accordingly. Where players tie on points and matches won then the aggregate score between those players shall be considered. If players are still tied then a sudden death play-off match shall be played.

All players, by competing in the MK Blackball Singles League are agreeing to complete all matches within the rules. Contravention of any of the rulings will fully entitle the organisers to remove any player from The League without return of any entry fee.

These rules may be reviewed and amended at any time by the organisers.